The NPRC Archives

The NPRC Archives Search engine is now up and running. As the listserv grows in terms of posts, so will the value of the archives, especially to those who join later and may have missed interesting discussions about pricing, estimating, marketing and a dozen other topics.

Step # 1
Subscribe to the NPRC Listserv Archives
(Yes, that does require a second subscription – Click or follow the link below:

At this screen, simply enter the email address you used to subscribe to the NPRC listserv.

Step #2
Once you enter your email address you will be immediately directed to the following screen. However, since you are already a member of the listserv, there is nothing to do or enter on this page. (Yes, we agree this doesn’t make a lot of sense being directed to a page where no action is required or needed). This screen simply advises you that you will automatically receive an email with an access code or link. Do not enter any data or info on this screen. Just wait for your special email.

Step #3
When you receive your special link via email (which is good for 90-days unless you log-out sooner), you will finally arrive at the following screen where you conduct searches of the archives.

IMPORTANT – Be sure to bookmark this page and give it a simple name like NPRC Archives or something similar.

The simple archive search page

This is the primary archive search screen where you will conduct searches, simple and complex. You can use wildcard searches using “*”. Right now, there’s a limited number of posts, but as the list grows this Listserv Archives feature may be very useful, especially for newcomers trying to get caught up on email threads initiated prior to their joining.

EXAMPLE: As an example, a simple search using the letters estimat* (with an asterisk as a wildcard) will find all posts where estimating, estimated or estimates appear in the text of pertinent emails.

For additional information regarding the NPRC Listserv and its Archives, please contact listserv manager Armand Girard at